Internet of Things

What is the “Internet of Things” (or IoT for short)? The “internet of things” is devices and appliances that have been internet enabled (they have an internet connection). A prime examples of this done well are Nest and Hive, both allow you to monitor your homes energy use and set the temperature to name only Read More

3D Printer

At the start of the year I decided to build a 3d printer. I’d never attempted anything like this before but after lots of reading a looking up details  I thought I’d give it go. My goal was to keep the costs as low as possible, I wanted to see exactly how cheaply you could Read More

Genetic Algorithm

I decided to try making a genetic algorithm at the weekend, this one is pretty basic and is based on words and letters but could be expanded to do anything. The script is written in Javascript and should make a good base for making more complex versions. As with all Genetic Algorithm designing the test Read More

Sprites VS Individual Images

As I’m building sites I come across a whole range of useful tools and gadgets that help me work faster. This little tool allows you to build sprites. What is a sprite I hear you cry? A sprite is collection of small images or tiles that have been grouped into on file. Visit the Sprite Pad Read More

Icon Fonts

IcoMoon is a web app that creates fonts. These fonts are little different to the type you would normally use in a word processor, these fonts contain icons that can be used throughout your website. This is another size saving tool, a font file is smaller than storing lots of little images (yes you could use Read More